Aussie Golfer Who Got Attacked By A Croc On The Course Is Either 100% Chill Or Full Of Morphine

by 5 years ago

For a man who just got bitten by a crocodile when trying to fetch his ball from a water hazard, Australian John Lahiff, 75, is about as chill as one man can be expected to seem. There’s no worry about the insane amount of bacteria that’s entered his body from the disgusting teeth of a crocodile, or the fact that he was just mauled on the golf course by a dinosaur.

Taken to the hospital with severe wounds to his calf and shin, John Lahiff was all chill when put on camera to talk about his crocodile attack at the golf course in Port Douglas, Queensland, Australia. There’s no sign of nerves at all from the man who just came face to face with one of Australia’s deadliest creatures and survived.

BBC has the story:

He was taken to hospital with a deep laceration to his shin and puncture wounds to his calf, but said he would not be put off playing golf.

Police Senior Sergeant James Coate told ABC that the 1.2m (4ft) saltwater crocodile had been in a waterway on the 11th hole.

Mr Lahiff, speaking from Cairns Hospital, said he had seen crocodiles there before and “should have realised to be a bit more aware”.

“I didn’t see the croc sunbaking just on the edge of the water. I walked past it and then it got me on the way back and as soon as it grabbed me it took off into the water.”

It’s the little ones that are always the most feisty. You’d never see a story about a fifteen footer jumping out of the water to take out a golfer holding a club that can be used as a weapon. Though you’d probably never read that story because the golfer would be swallowed whole and never heard from again.

Apparently there’s a ton of little crocs in the water hazards at this golf course, as they all congregate together to get away from the bull crocs. So there’s really no conceivable reason why this man should’ve gone fishing around in the pond for his ball when he knew there were hungry predators in there. That said, I grew up in Florida and have never once been in fear of alligators on the golf course.

When reached for comment the crocodile only responded with:

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