A Cubs Fan Didn’t Like His Seat So He Tried To Climb Onto The Field For A Better View And Knocked Himself Out Instead

Wrigley Field

Big drawback of going to live sporting events is potentially paying a fuckton of money for garbage seats. “Oh these aren’t too bad oh wait yep they’re behind a fucking pole.” I mean, it happens. One time I went to Washington to watch the Giants play the Redskins and I ended up sitting behind one of the support beams. And I paid like $100 for the ticket. Bananaland. So I kind of get where this guy at Wrigley was coming from last night when he jumped from his seat onto the field for a better view.

Via Chicago Sun Times:

“During a lengthy rain delay before the game, the man ignored ushers’ orders and leaped from the wall and then clipped the “basket” extending from the wall with his foot, flipping him to the warning track below, according to people at the scene and twitter feeds from people claiming to be in the seating area.

His condition was not immediately known.

The man, wearing shorts and sneakers, lay motionless face down on the track in right-center field as stadium personnel ran across the field to assist. After checking his pulse, one of the officials waved frantically as medics ran from the right-field corner to help.

It took three people to turn the man over onto his back. They then pulled up his shirt and put on a brace to stabilize his neck before strapping him onto a backboard and loading him into a cart.”

Smell ya, pal. Have fun at the hospital. I think the best part of it really is that the dude was trying to get a better view of the rain delay. There was literally nothing happening on the field and the guy was dying to check it out. It’s like when little kids want to know what the adults are talking about, even if the adults are talking about taxes. That’s what you get for sticking your nose where it shouldn’t be. A massive concussion and probably a broken rib or two.

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