30-Minute Bathroom Lines At Wrigley Field Led To Cubs Fans Pissing In Empty Cups And Corners



Wrigley Field’s renovations caused a nightmarish situation at last night’s season opener against the St. Louis Cardinals. And things got very ugly.

A severe lack of bathrooms forced a crowd of 35,000 to suffer through 30-minute bathroom lines. Add that with revelers who had been crushing light beer for hours and you have a recipe for disaster.

Multiple eyewitnesses report seeing fans urinating in souvenir cups and corners.

You know, like savages or college freshmen.





Now, if you’re thinking this is all an exaggeration, the Cubs themselves apologized for the lack of facilities and plan to install portable toilets before Tuesday’s game.

This whole ordeal is so Cubs it hurts. Like, if someone from outer space asked you to explain the Cubs, all you’d need to do is point to last night.

What a trainwreck.

On the bright side, that outrageous Jumbotron looked pretty good.