Clemson Head Coach Dabo Swinney Complains That Duke’s Locker Room Is Simply Too Far Away

Dabo Swinney

Getty Image / John Byrum

There’s no arguing that Clemson head coach Dabo Swinney is one of the most successful college football coaches of this generation. But, he is not the easiest guy to like. He proved that once again on Monday when he complained that the walk to the visitors’ locker room at Duke was too long.

Swinney loves to say absolutely ridiculous things, like saying that his program was built under God’s name, image, and likeness. As a reminder, Clemson is a public institution and does not have an official religious affiliation.

And, when it comes time for Clemson’s trademark tradition of running down the hill onto the field, you can guess who makes it all about himself.

That’s a grown man, making it all about himself. He also said once that he would quit coaching college football if the players start getting paid. Dabo is currently under a $115 million contract to coach kids he think shouldn’t receive a dime.

Every other fan-base in the country thinks this Dabo Swinney is a complete goober, but Clemson fans think he can do no wrong. And, I’m sure they don’t see the ridiculousness in his recent comments, where he complained that his team had to walk too far to the visitors’ locker room at Duke, where Clemson will open their season Monday.

Why don’t you just run, Dabo?

Clemson opens the season as the ninth-ranked team in the country.