Dabo Swinney Signs Female Clemson Fan’s Leg Tattoo Of Himself

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Sports fans have on occasion gone to great lengths to show just how dedicated they are. Often that expression of loyalty comes in the form of tattoos.

Sometimes that form of loyalty results in some strange requests like the time a fan asked Patrick Mahomes to autograph his arm.

Such was the case recently when Fox Carolina reporter Carmine Gemei noticed that a diehard Clemson fan had an image of Clemson Tigers head football coach Dabo Swinney touching Howard’s Rock tattooed on the calf of her right leg.

Totally a normal thing to do, right?

Well, imagine her reaction when Dabo Swinney himself saw the tattoo and asked to take a photo of it.

Actually, you don’t have to imagine because that actually happened.

Her reaction? She said Swinney could take the photo, but only if he autographed her leg.

She, of course, then went and had Dabo Swinney’s autograph turned into a tattoo right above the image of him touching Howard’s Rock.

Totally a normal thing to do.

Unlike a tattoo a Clemson football fan got in 2015, Swinney must have really liked this woman’s tattoo since he not only asked for a photo, he signed it.

Back then, a Clemson fan promised he would get a tattoo of Dabo Swinney if the Tigers made the College Football Playoff.

As college football fans may recall, Clemson went 13-0 that year and represented the ACC in the CFP.

“I’ve had birds and cats and dogs and iguanas – and people say, ‘Hey, I named my iguana Dabo. I named my bird Dabo,’ and I always tell people that one of these days there’s going to be another human named Dabo, then I’ll really know that I’ve left my mark on society,” Swinney said.

“But a tattoo has never crossed my mind. Am I ripped up in the tattoo?” he asked, then when told it was just his head he replied, “That’s probably not a good look, then.”

Then, after actually seeing the tattoo, Dabo said, “That doesn’t look like me. It looks like Jack the Ripper or something.”

It really wasn’t that bad.