Eagles Fan Fixes Unfortunate Super Bowl Victory Tattoo With ‘Crying Jordan’

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It happens almost every year. Some overzealous fan goes out and gets a big ole tattoo celebrating their team winning the Super Bowl before the game actually happens.

So, of course a Philadelphia Eagles fan decided it would be a great idea to get a giant tattoo proclaiming his team the Super Bowl LVII champions before, you know, it actually happened.

He was probably feeling pretty good about his tattoo decision when the Eagles’ Jake Elliott kicked a field goal to go up by 10 points heading into halftime.

But imagine what was going through that Eagles fan’s mind the moment James Bradberry was called for defensive holding in the closing moments, essentially gifting the Kansas City Chiefs the victory.

That would have been a reaction video for the ages.

After the game, and the Eagles’ loss, he was faced with a decision. Does he leave the tattoo alone and just live with it? Does he try to cover it up with something else? Does he get it removed? Or does he do what he ended up doing and just add the “Crying Jordan” meme to it?

That addition to his Eagles’ Super Bowl tattoo certainly makes it even more of a conversation piece, one would think. So he’s got that going for him.

Unfortunately, as more than one football fan pointed out, the Eagles fan missed a golden opportunity and is probably now kicking himself.

Instead of using the “Crying Jordan” meme, he 100 percent should have used a image of Eagles coach Nick Sirianni crying on the sidelines of the actual game.

“I never understand the ‘lemme get this tat before the game’ when you have your entire life to get it after,” another fan noted, just like many others have said every year when something like this happens.

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