Dada 5000 Says He Suffered Two Heart Attacks And ‘Died’ In The Cage While Fighting Kimbo Slice

Dada 5000 kimbo slice

On Wednesday, Dhafir Harris aka Dada 5000 revealed in Instagram post that he was clinically dead during his fight with Kimbo Slice at Bellator 149 back in February.

Dada wrote that he suffered kidney failure and two heart attacks while in the cage with Slice. Harris deleted the post but several people screencapped it and uploaded to the Internet.


“Yes I did have kidney failure during the fight. I also had [two] heart attacks which I did code aka died during the fight,”

It’s pretty insane how close we were to witnessing the first NNA death broadcast on live tv. Hopefully Bellator and the athletic commission who sanctioned this fight take notice and are more careful about who they allow to fight in the cage.