NFL Fans Rip Dak Prescott As A ‘Leader’ Despite His Nice Gesture For Practice Squad Players

NFL Fans Rip Dak Prescott Following His Nice Gesture For Practice Squad

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  • Dak Prescott offered up a nice gesture for the Cowboys’ practice squad, but some fans are still calling him out for being a poor leader.
  • Prescott is looking to give practice squad players some extra cash following the team’s playoff exit.
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Dak Prescott is going to be on the receiving end of some extremely tough criticism for quite a while following the Cowboys’ playoff loss to the 49ers. Cowboys fans, and certainly Cowboys haters, won’t let Prescott hear the end of it until he avenges himself in a future playoff game if we’re being honest.

How some fans are reacting to Prescott’s nice gesture for the Dallas practice squad is a prime example of that.

After the very questionable final play of the Cowboys’ season, and with every NFL fan and Dallas fan criticizing Prescott, the coaching staff, and the officials, the QB still made it a point to thank the team’s practice squad.

According to Mike Leslie of WFAA, following the team’s loss to San Francisco, Prescott asked players to throw in $500 so they could give it to the practice squad players. Those on the practice squad don’t get paid the same during the playoffs as they normally do during the regular season.

Prescott could have easily forgotten about the practice squad. The fact that those players even crossed his mind after his team’s season just ended the way it did is honestly remarkable, but some NFL fans didn’t exactly see it that way.

If we’re really being honest, Prescott could’ve come out and said that he had just solved world hunger after the loss to the 49ers and people still would have criticized him.

Some fans pointed out that $500 is chump change to every active player and that Prescott should have asked for much more, while others simply called him out for being a poor leader.