Tony Romo Explains Why It Was Dak Prescott’s Fault The Cowboys Weren’t Able To Snap The Ball Before Time Ran Out On Final Play

Dak Prescott

CBS Sports

The Cowboys-Niners game ended in controversial fashion, but Tony Romo believes Dak Prescott is at fault for not knowing the rules on the final play.

Down six points with thirteen seconds left to go in the game and zero timeouts, Prescott decided to run upfield before sliding. Prescott then handed the ball to his center which appears to be where he made his mistake.

Many people blamed the official for not setting the ball in time, but Romo pointed out that Prescott should have handed the ball to the ref instead of his center on that final play.

You can’t set your own ball as a center, you have to give it to the ref. Dak Prescott should have looked and found the ref. You Can’t give it to your center.

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