Dak Prescott Still Hoping For One Move From Dallas Cowboys

Dallas Cowboys QB Dak Prescott

Getty Image / Michael Owens

The Dallas Cowboys have had a busy offseason.

They saw Dalton Schultz leave in free agency.

They traded for Brandin Cooks.

The signed Stephon Gilmore.

They franchise tagged Tony Pollard.

Still, the most memorable move of their offseason just might have been releasing Ezekiel Elliott.

Elliott had seen his performances decline over recent seasons and the Cowboys already had his replacement lined up in Tony Pollard, yet they were still interested in keeping the former 4th overall pick around if he was willing to take a pay cut.

He wasn’t.

Zeke has still yet to find his next team, leading fans to wonder just where he might end up.

If it was up to his former quarterback, he’d be back in Dallas.

Dak Prescott appeared on The Adam Schefter Podcast yesterday and revealed that he is still hoping Elliott will end up back with the Cowboys.

“I know myself, and I can tell you there’s a lot of people not only on the team but the organization that would love that,” Dak Prescott said, “We understand that this is a business and the market changes and things go up and down, so it doesn’t always work out the way we see it, but hopefully, that could happen.”

Keeping Ezekiel Elliott around on the massive contract that he was previously playing on didn’t make any sense for the Dallas Cowboys, but he could still be a useful complement to Pollard if they can get him back on a cheaper deal.

There hasn’t been much of a market for Zeke yet and things haven’t been great for running backs in general this offseason. Maybe that could lead him back to the team that originally signed him.

It can’t hurt that the team’s star quarterback is still rooting for him to end up back in their backfield.