Dale Earnhardt Jr. Is One Sick MoFo And Someone Needs To Tell Him That Eating This Is COMPLETELY UNACCEPTABLE

Something is wrong with Dale Earnhardt Jr., something is severely f’d up with him and someone needs to grab Junior by the shoulders and shake some ding-dangity-dong sense into him before he goes and hurts himself with behavior like this. Earlier today Dale Earnhardt Jr. tweeted out a picture of his lunch and this isn’t one of those ‘haha, that’s weird’ sandwiches, this is one of those ‘what in the actual fuck is wrong with this psychopath?’ sandwiches.

When I first saw this tweet posted over on Deadspin I started wondering if Dale Jr. is currently undergoing some sort of psychiatric treatment for a mental illness, because behavior like this is completely unacceptable. After googling around though I’ve come to the conclusion that if Dale Jr. is seeking psychiatric treatment for mental illness he’s hiding it pretty damn well, because there’s nothing public. Still though, you look at this complete fucking abomination of a sandwich and can’t help but think something is totally fucked:

That’s serial killer behavior. Hellman’s Mayonnaise + Bananas, served on plain white bread.

JUNIOR: if you’re out there and reading this I want you to know that people care about you and we want you to get the help that you need. Nobody should go through life thinking that this garbage actually tastes good, we want to help you see the light once again. Hit me up down below in the comments and I’ll point you in the direction of a good therapist.

[h/t Deadspin]