Watch 5’8” Dallas Cowboys WR Cole Beasley Throw Down A Monster Reverse Dunk

Cole Beasley should not be able to dunk. He is a 5’8”, 175-pound, undrafted free agent out of Southern Methodist University. And he’s a white boy. Most importantly he’s a white boy. They made a whole goddamn movie about how white people can’t jump, nevermind dudes who are shorter than some of the girls I’ve dated. Not only should he not be able to dunk, he should definitely not be able to throw down a double-clutch reverse dunk. But he did. With authority.

In case you thought it was a fluke, here’s a clip from 2013 of Beasley throwing down a couple windmills. Gulp.

Meanwhile, my attempt at 6’1”:


dunk fail

Fuck it, I’ll stick to the internet.

[h/t Uproxx]