Total Mayhem As Hundreds Of Cowboys Fans Bull Rush Into AT&T Stadium Like Black Friday At Best Buy

Dallas Cowboys fans rush into AT&T Stadium storm
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The Dallas Cowboys are set to host the New York Jets at 3:25pm CT during Week 2 of the 2023 NFL season. The team opened its door to fans two hours before kickoff and it was utter chaos.

Video of the fans rushing into AT&T Stadium to secure the best standing room tickets for the game is absolutely insane. It looks like a Best Buy on Black Friday if you were to multiply the mayhem by twenty.

In the video, you can see a sea of fans on both sides lined up at the door, but mostly those rooting for the home team. When the doors open, hundreds — if not thousands — of fans rush into the mezzanine toward the standing room areas.

Obviously, those who have tickets seats can stay outside and enjoy the tailgate for awhile longer, with knowledge that their spot in the stadium is secure. That is not the case for the standing room folk.

Their position inside of the stadium is first-come, first-serve so they went full Hunger Games mode.

This is becoming a uniquely Dallas Cowboys tradition!

It happened during the playoffs in 2022 when San Francisco was in town. That was much crazier than the second week of the regular season.

It happened during the 2019 Wild Card game against Seattle as well.

AT&T Stadium, home of the Cowboys, has just 80,000 seats but can hold up to 105,000 in total. The other 25,000 tickets are standing room only so it is a mad rush every single week.

Some weeks, though, are crazier than others and Sunday was up there with one of the biggest, most exhilarating door opening runs in regular season history. Dallas fans were ready to watch their team take down a team that is riding high after a Week 1 win without Aaron Rodgers. The rush was real!

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