Dan Campbell Makes Bold Claim About Jared Goff, NFL Fans Not Sure How To React

Jared Goff and Dan Campbell

Getty Image / Stacy Revere

The Detroit Lions have had one heck of an offseason, as the roster is stacked with a ton of talent.

Dan Campbell has done a phenomenal job building this roster and now it’s time for the team to take the next step and make a playoff run.

Even so, many are still unsure about quarterback Jared Goff. However, it turns out that Campbell has nothing but nice things to say about him.

The Lions head coach praised Goff, and even made a bold claim that has NFL fans unsure how to react.

According to Pro Football Talk, Dan Campbell claims that Jared Goff “is a better quarterback now than when he was with the [Los Angeles] Rams.”

Here is Campbell’s full statement on the Lions’ quarterback.

“I think what you’re seeing is a guy who just put his head down and went back to work, worked on what he could, tried to improve on what he could. And now his confidence has really grown. And along the way, he’s really matured as a quarterback. He’s a better quarterback than he was there [in Los Angeles], in my opinion — because he can do more things. He’s mentally on it.”

If that’s the case, then Detroit may have its franchise quarterback after all. Especially considering Goff took the Rams to a Super Bowl in the third year of his career.

Regardless, Goff’s first year with the Lions was a bit of a mess, as the team struggled to win much of anything.

However, since then, Detroit has proven to be a difficult team to play against. Goff is a major reason for that change.

Dan Campbell touches base on the progress Jared Goff has made since becoming the starting quarterback in Detroit, per Pro Football Talk.

“I mean, we’ve come light-years from where he was two years ago when he walked in and just started teaching him protections and really dove into that. And he’s got a real good grasp of what we’re doing, where the issues are, where the problems are. And that’s something that we really wanted him to get good at — and he wanted to get good at. And he’s worked at it and he’s improved. So, that helps you.”

The Lions are in a great spot right now and Goff seems to be the X-Factor for the team’s success. They have a plethora of weapons, a stout offensive line, and a defense that has received a major facelift this offseason.

Despite that, NFL fans just aren’t sure how to react to Campbell’s comments. Here’s what they had to say about it.

This guy loves the Jared Goff hype!

Meanwhile, plenty of fans remain skeptical.

We’ll have to wait and see how it plays out. The NFC North is a wide open race right now after the Green Bay Packers traded Aaron Rodgers.

Now is the perfect time to strike and the Lions have the firepower to do it. Let’s hope Dan Campbell is right about Jared Goff, as they could be serious contenders if that’s the case.