New Report Says NFL Owners Once Again Discussed Forcing Commanders Owner Dan Snyder Out

Washingon Commanders Owner Dan Snyder

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The potential, maybe probable, sale of the Washington Commanders by embattled owner Daniel Snyder is one of the biggest stories of the offseason.

Of course, Snyder has been a part of so many controversies, whether it is drama over the team’s former nickname, allegedly withholding revenue from other owners, and accusations of a poor workplace culture that helped earn him a spot in a congressional investigation. Frankly, he’s lucky NFL owners are reluctant to force anyone out, as forcing an owner out would theoretically lessen the value of all the other franchises.

Snyder did announce he was exploring a sale and had hired Bank of America to do so back in November 2022. And, many expected the process to be a little further along than it is now. And, there have been some whispers that he may even elect to keep the team. But, Dan Snyder keeping the team would be a complete disaster for the league. So, at the most recent owners’ meeting, they discussed the possibility of removing him from his position. That would take a vote of 3/4 of the 31 other owners, so 24 votes would be needed.

Here are some more details, courtesy of the article.

The Washington Post reports that owners present for committee meetings this week in Florida discussed the possible sale of the Commanders and “other issues” regarding Snyder. Per the report, “no decisions” were made about the possibility of taking a vote to oust Snyder from ownership.

Not all owners attended the committee meetings.

According to the Post, some owners emerged “still hopeful” that Snyder will agree to sell the team without the need for a formal vote to force him out.

All owners will meet in Arizona later this month, for the annual NFL meetings.

Adding to the overall awkwardness is that Snyder continues to be absent league meetings. His wife, Tanya, has represented the team at all ownership meetings held since July 2021, when the NFL imposed vague, undefined, and loosely enforced (by all appearances) restrictions on Daniel Snyder’s ownership activities.

It sounds like those owner meetings in Arizona at the end of the month are going to be crucial Dan Snyder and his future as an NFL owner.