Dana White Pulled A TREMENDOUSLY Bro Move For A Fan With Horrible Seats At UFC 201

UFC President Dana White may be abrasive and have a very “unique” view of the way the media works, but dude is also kind of bro.

He truly says what he thinks and gives zero fucks if anyone disagrees with him.

That being said, we’ve seen from how he handled Daniel Cormier when he found out his Jon Jones fight was off that White amazingly has a softer side that we don’t often see on camera.

So when this fan found himself with an obstructed view at UFC 201 after shelling out $175 he tweeted Dana White about it. What happened after that was pretty amazing.

First off, how shocked do you think this guy was when Dana White replied? Then imagine his surprise when this happened…

Now White didn’t have to do anything, but he did, proving that even with a new, big pile of money Dana White is still pretty freaking bro.

H/T Uproxx

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