Darren Rovell Posts Graphic Unedited Version OF JFK’s Assassination Video At 7:30 AM On Twitter And People Were Mad

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Former ESPNer and current Action Network business/gambling reporter Darren Rovell is having a pretty eventful morning.

To commemorate the anniversary of the assassination of John F. Kennedy Rovell tweeted out an unedited version of the infamous Zapruder film which features graphic images of the president being shot in the head to his 2.1 million followers at 7:30am.

Rovell went on to share the financial implications of the film because clearly, Rovell is a psychopath. (We will not be posting the unedited Zapruder film here but you can find it on Darren Rovell’s twitter page)

People weren’t too thrilled that they were subjected to a snuff film while eating their breakfast.



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