Latest Davante Adams News Could Mean Trouble For Aaron Rodgers And The Packers

Latest Davante Adams News Could Mean Trouble For Aaron Rodgers And The Packers

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  • The Green Bay Packers recently placed the franchise tag on wide receiver Davante Adams after agreeing to new terms with QB Aaron Rodgers
  • Now NFL insiders are reporting Davante will refuse to play under the franchise tag and instead hold out for a new contract, spelling trouble for the Pack
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The Green Bay Packers placed the franchise tag on wide receiver Davante Adams. This came after the team agreed to a new contract with QB Aaron Rodgers which makes him the highest-paid player in the NFL (4 years, $200 million).

A franchise tag on Davante Adams would be a very lucrative 1-year salary. Green Bay would have to pay him an estimated $20.145 million. But that’s not what he wants, he wants to be the highest-paid wide receiver in the NFL and he deserves it as the favorite target of Aaron Rodgers who continues to put up monster stats year after year.

Now it is being reported by NFL insiders Tom Pelissero and Ian Rapoport that Davante Adams is not going to play under the franchise tag. Instead, he will opt to hold out until the Green Bay Packers present him with a long-term contract that suits his contributions to the team.

Latest Davante Adams News Could Mean Trouble For Aaron Rodgers And The Packers

The Green Bay Packers have ‘until July’ to sort out the contract / franchise tag disputes with Davante Adams. But if he doesn’t play for the Green Bay Packers next season that could spell doom for Aaron Rodgers who is making $200 million over the next four years.

Davante Adams leads the NFL in Receiving Yards over the past 5 years with 6,195 yards and 506 receptions. His 731 targets over the past 5 years are only second to Keenan Allen’s 748 but he has over 100 more targets than Mike Evans or Tyreek Hill. I don’t need to make the case to anyone that Adams is crucial to the success of Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers and he deserves to be paid so.

What are the fans saying about all this?

A deal will get done, in some form, before the start of the season. Aaron Rodgers needs Davante Adams to keep putting up MVP stats.

How Much Is Davante Adams Earning Compared To Highest-Paid Wide Receivers?

Adams wants to get paid and he deserves that money. The current franchise tag from the Green Bay Packers is set to pay him $20.145 million next season. Davante is currently the third-highest paid WR in the NFL but the gap between first and third is BIG.

The second-highest-paid wide receiver is Julio Jones who is earning $22,000,000/season as part of a 3-year, $66 million deal. And the highest-paid WR is DeAndre Hopkins who makes $27,250,000/year as part of a $54,500,000 contract that includes $49,400,000 guaranteed. DeAndre Hopkins and Davante Adams are the same age. They are both 30 years old. The Packers need to pay Davante and keep him happy if they want to compete against the Rams, Cardinals, and Buccaneers in the NFC next season.