Davante Adams Gave A Savage Response About The Rivalry Between Green Bay And Chicago

Davante Adams Hate Every Opponent Chicago Bears Interview Press Conference

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  • Davante Adams doesn’t care who he’s playing, his mindset remains the same.
  • In a press conference this week, he gave a savage response about how he approaches each opponent.
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As the Green Bay Packers gear up to face the Chicago Bears this weekend, wide receiver Davante Adams is not placing extra emphasis on the rivalry. Sunday will mark the 203rd meeting between the NFC North opponents.

Adams doesn’t care. His mindset does not change each week for different opponents, he is all business, all of the time.

When the 28-year-old was asked about the importance of the Bears-Packers rivalry, he brushed off the stigma surrounding the game. He keeps his killer instinct for every team that Green Bay plays.

In response, Adams said that he hates every single person that lines up across the field from him and his team.

In a world where there is significant over-emphasis on how “buddy/buddy” that athletes can be today, Adams’ comments are refreshing. It doesn’t matter who Green Bay is playing— it could be his best friend or even his kin— for 60 minutes on Sunday (or Monday or Thursday), Adams hates them.

He has one thing in mind and that’s destroying every single opponent. And the way that he said it, completely straight-faced, makes his comments even better.

Adams has certainly done so thus far in 2021. He has already racked up 115.8 yards per game, which puts him on-pace for 1,900 this season.

Former NFL wide receiver Chad Johnson chimed in on Adams’ comments, giving him his praise as one of the greatest of all-time.

Green Bay travels to Chicago on Sunday for a 1:00 ET kickoff against the Bears. Adams hates them.