David Bakhtiari And Aaron Rodgers Jamming Out To Techno Music In A Custom Golf Cart Is Friendship Goals

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David Bakhtiari and Aaron Rodgers are the two best friends that anyone could have. After missing the vast majority of the the 2021 season due to injury, the Packers left tackle and his quarterback are back together after the latter decided to return to Green Bay during the offseason.

And they couldn’t be happier.

Although the vast majority of NFL players would rather be at home enjoying more of the offseason, training camp is a necessary evil. It may not be the most exciting thing in the world to workout in the peak heat of the summer, it’s the start of a new year and it’s always good to be back with the boys.

That was made very clear on Day 2 of Packers camp as Rodgers and Bakhtiari rocked out to some techno music. It was pure joy.

Last year, Bakhtiari gifted his quarterback with a brand new, custom golf cart with the license plate ‘LUVN69,’ and Rodgers took it for a joy ride while obeying all of the traffic laws. As training camp got underway this week, the two were filmed in the cart together absolutely jamming out to D-Devils song ‘Sex & House & Drugs.’

The song is a spring break classic, and it’s objectively hilarious that Rodgers and Bakhtiari are blaring it at full volume out of the golf cart. And they weren’t just dancing, they were dancing. Take a look:

Rodgers and Bakhtiari are serious friendship goals. They have been together in Green Bay since 2013 and have been inseparable ever since. It is clear that the former is glad to have the latter back protecting his blindside and keeping spirits high.

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