DeAngelo Williams Gets Personal In Heated Argument With NFL Network Hosts Over Pats/Steelers Game

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Quite the cringeworthy interview spun out of control NFL Network’s Good Morning Football with special guest DeAngelo Williams. What started out as your generic ‘who ya got?’ segment over the upcoming AFC titan Patriots vs. Steelers matchup turned into a heated argument over resumes and accomplishments.

DeAngelo Williams was either upset about currently being unemployed or trying to make his pitch to rejoin the Steelers because he was NOT happy that Good Morning Football host panel was predicting the Pats to pull out the victory on the road. Which, for the record, is the smart bet if we’re looking at history. Brady owns a 7-2 regular season record against the Steelers and last year they not only beat the Steelers handily in Pittsburgh but also blew them out in the AFC Championship Game three months later.

Regardless, DeAngelo Williams was fed up with the Patriots hype and decided to attack the host Kyle Brandt personally, playing the ‘you never played football’ card. Kyle was a running back at Princeton. Throughout the attack, Williams obnoxiously laughed in the direction of Good Morning Football host Nate Burleson–a former NFL receiver–to back him up against his co-hosts.

Check out the scene below. Fast forward to the 7:15 mark. 

The Steelers and Patriots will go head-to-head Sunday at 4:25 pm and if the Steelers lose, DeAngelo Williams should be forced to wear a Princeton Football t-shirt while he sits at home waiting for a team to call him.
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