Debate The Slate: Bowling SZN Begins, Puff Panthers’ Daddy, LaVar Ball Keeps LaVaring, And More

We’re back! And Dom hit the Let It Snow button for the latest episode of Debate The Slate.

We covered it all in this episode… we jump right into Bowl SZN, which has officially begun. From Lake Kiffin MURDERING Akron to Boise State’s upset, we recap the first six college football bowls and update everyone on the Dom vs Garrett Bowl Challenge. Plus, Dom made, and won, the biggest bet of his life on the stressful FAU first half spread.

After that, we dive into some of the latest sports shenanigans:

  • how great the NBA is this year but how little I’m actually watching it on TV
  • we’re both sad to hear Ryen Russillo is leaving ESPN but kind of glad
  • LaVar Ball is back on his bullshit, aka keeps LaVaring
  • the Pro Bowl is still useless
  • and more!

debate the slate december 20 2017


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