Deebo Samuel Will Cash In Big Time If The 49ers Keep Trotting Him Out As A Running Back

Deebo Samuel Will Cash In Big Time If The 49ers Keep Using Him At RB

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The San Francisco 49ers finally signed superstar offensive weapon Deebo Samuel to a massive extension to keep him around for another few seasons.

Samuel is a dual-threat player, a wide receiver, and he emerged as a running back this past season. As such, he is getting paid handsomely.

Details of his contract were revealed more in-depth on Monday by Adam Schefter of ESPN. The bonuses and incentives sure make it seem like they plan to use Deebo Samuel as a running back still.

Samuel can earn a lot of extra cash if he continues to play the running back position. For starters, in 2021, he finished with 365 yards rushing and eight touchdowns seemingly out of nowhere. In the first two seasons combined, Samuel rushed just 22 times for 195 yards and three scores.

Kyle Shanahan has found a brilliant way to use Samuel, and it worked out so well that it would be challenging for the 49ers to go away from it.

In total, it will be nearly $2 million extra over the life of his contract. Three rushing touchdowns in one year seems like cake for Samuel and the 49ers, especially with the thought of Trey Lance and Samuel lining up together in the red zone.

Let’s see if Deebo can cash in on these incentives.