Deion Sanders Had Instagram Model Brittany Renner Speak To His Players On The Dangers Of Dealing With Women On Social Media

Brittany Renner

Jackson State head coach Deion Sanders thought Brittany Renner was the perfect person to talk to his players about women pursuing them solely because they’re athletes considering Renner wrote a book about her exploits with famous celebrities.

On Thursday night, Sanders released a video of Renner speaking to Jackson State football players to prepare them in how to deal with shady women on social media who have ulterior motives.

“It’s my responsibility as a Coach to prepare my young men for any and everything on the field and off. I brought in @bundleofbrittany to educate them on how the game is played between man & woman at their age & stage. The mess may not be for everybody but trust me it’s for somebody.”

Renner gave a passionate speech while advising the players to be careful with who they decide to get into a relationship with.

“You’re trying to make it to the NFL, you do understand there’s a lot that comes with that right? To be able to decipher who really loves you for you, I think that’s the billion-dollar question we’re all wanting to know.

You are useful, and it’s better to useful than useless. You just have to have that understanding that okay, I have something to offer, whether that’s financial, status wise, or whatever, and people do see that as a bonus to be with you, there’s nothing wrong with that, but you just have to be aware that nobody is here for nothing.”

PJ Washington, who apparently feels like he got trapped by Renner, probably wishes he had a coach like Deion Sanders while he was in college.

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