Deion Sanders Calls Out Parents For Making Today’s Kids Soft

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Deion Sanders has beef with today’s parents.

During a recent speaking engagement, the new Colorado head football coach called out parents for making today’s kids soft.

He said he understands why today’s parents let their kids get soft, but he certainly doesn’t agree with it.

“Kids are different because parents are different,” Sanders said. “Parents are babying everyone right now. There’s no tough, hard-nosed parents anymore.

“The reason is because that most of us have done better than our parents. And we look back at our lives and say, ‘You know what, when I’m a parent, I’m going to treat my kid so much better. I’m going to make sure I get my kid that big wheel and that rock em sock em robots that he really wanted.”

Sanders then explained, “You want it to be better and doing that you don’t even understand you’re negating what makes who you are. What makes you tough and who you are is because of what you dealt with as a kid. What makes you firm and who you are is because of what you’ve been through and you came through it. You may be smelling like smoke, but you came through it.

“You don’t want your kids to go through that and that’s when we cripple kids, because we’re babying them. Every time they fall down as a kid, you pick them back up. No, let them fall and sit there.”

“I wanted my kids, because we had wealth, and I wanted them to have some to have something nasty, some toughness and some mental toughness, capabilities,” Sanders added. “So when the world hit them upside the head they ain’t crying.”

Deion Sanders carries that kind of thinking over to the football field with his players

Speaking about how he treats his players, Sanders said, “We let them know, ‘Hey man, it’s gonna be some ups and downs, but you got to get your butt back up.’

“Even talking to trainers, I’ve been talking to trainers all day today and one of the things that I said, ‘Look man, I’m old school. I don’t run out there unless I see bone and blood.’ I’m straight up. I’m straight up. If we run out there and he has a shoulder that’s hurt, ain’t nothing wrong with you. I will run out there and say, ‘Ain’t nothing wrong with your legs, get up.’

“That’s just how I am. That’s what life does, right? So we gotta prepare these kids for life because we already said all of them ain’t going pro.”

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