Dell And Sonya Curry Sit Separately To Watch Steph Curry Break 3-Point Record Months After Cheating Accusations And It Was Awkward As Hell

Dell Curry

  • Steph Curry broke the NBA’s all-time three-point record in MSG on Tuesday night
  • Curry’s recently separated parents were in attendance to watch their son break the record and fans noted how awkward it was
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Steph Curry’s recently divorced parents were on hand to watch their son break the all-time NBA three-point record, and it was pretty awkward.

Back in August, Dell Curry filed for divorce after accusing his wife of 22 years, Sonya Curry, of cheating on him with former Patriots tight end Steven Johnson.

Dell and Sonya were seen sitting separately at Madison Square Garden on Tuesday night as Steph broke the three-point record.

After Steph broke the record, Dell was one of the first people to give him a hug on the court.

Steph waited until the next timeout to hug his mom.

Fans noted how awkward the whole thing was.

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