DeMarcus Cousins And Eric Bledsoe Combined For 176 Points (176 Points!) In A Charity Hoops Game


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When you think of big-time games on the basketball court, a few come to mind. Wilt’s 100 pointer back in 1962, Kobe’s 81 against the Raptors in 2006, Jordan’s 63 against the Celtics in the Boston Garden in 1986. Go ahead and add DeMarcus Cousins and Eric Bledsoe to that list, too—kind of.

During a charity game put on by Bledsoe, where they went head-to-head with amateur players, the two NBAers dropped a combined 176 points, with Boogie Cousins going for 91 and Bledsoe adding 85 of his own.

// know the competition was a fucking ragtag bunch who probably spend their weekends drinking beer and watching porn—or maybe that’s just me—but when you score anything over 30, that’s impressive as all fuck.

Hell, for strictly entertainment, could you imagine what it was like to see these two former Kentucky stars duke it out with each bucket, no doubt, giving the crowd a little bit of a scoring rivalry.

Unfortunately, there’s no video of the game—you guys, it was a fucking charity hoops game, NO ONE video tapes that shit—but Twitter was abuzz from those who witnessed the event.


Look, as someone who scored a total of 176 points in by 10-year basketball career—I kid, sort of—this is an impressive feat, and gets my dick a little harder in anticipation for the NBA to finally come back next season. Fuck, that’s still three months away?!?!

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