Demon Fish Goes Crazy After Guy Gets It In The Boat, Is Obviously Possessed

Mahi Mahi, Dorado, or Dolphin. This fish goes but a ton of different names, but worldwide it’s reputation is the same: it’s one of the most acrobatic, fastest growing, and delicious fish in the ocean. In fact, I just named Mahi Mahi as the #4 Best Tasting Fish in the World in my definitive rankings of the world’s most delicious fish. If you’ve ever caught a Mahi you know that they love to jump, and those acrobatics certainly don’t end just because you’ve managed to get them into the boat.

With mahi it’s like you get them into the boat and they kick it into the next gear, going apeshit trying to get back into the water. Smashing anything and everything with their powerful tails in hopes of once again finding the Deep Blue. This father-son fishing duo didn’t get that memo, instead they tried to bash that fish with a paddle in hopes of sedating it. That obviously didn’t work and they lost their fish.

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