One Of The Answers Derek Jeter Gave On A Twitter Q&A Will Completely Change How You Feel About Him

Derek Jeter Cats


Derek Jeter is making the media rounds for two reasons — the first is to talk about his year-long retirement that just won’t end and to hype his new blogspot The Player’s Tribune.

Jeter did a question and answer on the Twitter account today and among the hot button topics were Jeter’s favorite daytime soaps, his favorite snack and his fear of pussy. No, the other kind.

Derek Jeter Fear


So how does this completely change your mind about #2? If you’re a fan of Jeter’s, this news kind of bums ya’ out. The Captain is afraid of felines. He probably had every female sleepover at his place out of fear of calicos in creeping around Upper West Side apartments. If you hate Jeter this probably brings the hate to a Defcon 5 level.

How about we just come to an agreement to hate the guy who named his cat Jeter? Eh, maybe let’s take it easy on Sam. The poor bastard just had his life crushed on Twitter by having Jeter tell him he hates his tribute and his cat. At least he did it the right way — with class.

H/T Hardball Talk