Derek Jeter And Hannah Davis Might Be Getting Married This Weekend

Derek Jeter dating diamond

Future Hall of Famer and current blogger Derek Jeter has jumped into retirement with both feet, catching up on projects he was forced to put on the back burner during his playing career.

In short, his entire world has changed so quickly that a rumor about a potential wedding this weekend to girlfriend Hannah Davis doesn’t seem like the craziest thing. And it exists.

Derek Jeter will be front and center at a MASSIVE secret party at a historic castle on Long Island this weekend, TMZ Sports has learned … and now we’re hearing buzz it could be a wedding. 

Multiple sources tell us … several high-end party vendors have been called in for a very important “Derek Jeter event.” 

Now here’s where things get tricky — we’ve spoken with multiple sources who tell us the event in question is a retirement party for #2 … and other sources who SWEAR it’s a wedding. 

Whoa. Jeets finally hanging up his bachelor lifestyle would arguably be a more memorable moment than hanging up his cleats. One could say he’s had a more impressive career between the sheets than between the lines.

My two cents: it’s not a wedding, it’s an elaborate Gatorade or Nike commercial shoot.