Derrick Rose Probably Didn’t Just Steal A Little Kids’ Bulls Jersey Last Night

TNT captured Derrick Rose leaving the court after watching his Chicago Bulls lose to the Sacramento Kings last night. On his way out, he grabbed a red Bulls jersey from a young fan and kept walking, necessitating DERRICK ROSE STEALS FROM LITTLE KID headlines.

I’m here to suggest that Rose, one of the marquee players in the NBA when healthy, did not take a young fan’s property out of spite. Call me a conspiracy theorist or a jock sniffer, but I simply don’t believe Rose would do something like that.

A more reasonable explanation is that he went into the tunnel or locker room to sign it and had a staffer return it to the kid. Perhaps he didn’t have a pen on him.

Or maybe Derrick Rose does steal from little kids to make him feel better about always being injured. Seems perfectly logical.