Deshaun Watson, Who Plays Football On National TV, Asks Texans Media Why They’re “Always Filming” Him

deshaun watson

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I’m nowhere near educated enough on the Deshaun Watson situation to coherently comment about it, so let’s just skip that part and get right into the thick of things: during Houston Texans practice on Thursday, Watson walked past the media and said: “Why are y’all always filming me every day. It’s the same shit.”

Now, to be fair to the media — whose job it is to film sports, which is what Watson gets paid to do on national television — they’re simply doing what they’re employed to do. Like you and I, they have a boss telling them what to do. Watson knows this. His outburst at the media more so speaks to the current scrutiny he’s facing: the cameras have always been on him, now he just feels the heat of their lenses all the more intensely.

Hell, it’s not even clear if he’ll play football at all this year, let alone for the Houston Texans. Just last week, Pro Football Talk’s Mike Florio not only just shut down the Eagles-Texans trade rumors, but he reported that “teams are staying away from Watson until his legal issues clear up due to the possibility that Watson may face jail time for sexual assault charges.”

Furthermore, Watson’s lawyer Rusty Hardin recently told ESPN that 10 of the women who have accused Watson of sexual assault have filed complaints with the Houston Police Department.

Co-worker Mark, who writes about Deshaun Watson far more than I do, puts his chances of playing this season at a stunning “0.0%”, so take that for what you will.

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