Devin Booker Tracks Down And Exchanges DMs With Viral Suns Fan Who Yelled ‘Suns In 4’ While Beating Up Nuggets Fan

  • Devin Booker asked the Internet to locate Suns fan who yelled “Suns in 4” while pummeling Nuggets fan
  • The fan was quickly tracked down and exchanged DMs with Booker on Instagram
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The Suns fan who went viral this week for beating up a Nuggets fan during a fight has come forward and he’s getting praised by Devin Booker.

Over the weekend, a video exploded on the Internet showing a man wailing on a Nuggets fan and then yelling “Suns in 4” to his face.

Days after the fight, Suns superstar Devin Booker asked fans for any info on the man wearing the Suns jersey in the video.

Fans quickly IDed the man, whose name is Nick McKellar. Nick got to exchange DMs with Booker and claimed that he was just acting in self defense during the fight.

Booker started following the fan on Instagram and called him a “legend.”

Hopefully, Book hooks up Nick with some nice seats for the Suns’ upcoming playoff game in the Western Conference Finals

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