People Are Blaming Devin Booker For Suns Fans Fighting Clippers Fans In Latest Viral Brawl Video

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  • Phoenix Suns fans were filmed fighting opposing fans a week after “”Suns in 4” guy went
  • People are now blaming Devin Booker from promoting violence after he gifted “Suns in 4” guy tickets and called him a legend over fight video
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A week after “Suns in 4” guy became an Internet sensation, Suns fans were once again the subject of another viral fight video and Devin Booker is getting the blame.

After game 1 of the Western Conference finals, a video went viral showing Suns fans getting into a fight with two Clippers fans while people in the background yelled “Suns in 4.”

Considering the fight happened on the same day “Suns in 4” guy got free tickets to the game from Booker, some people pinned the blame on the NBA star for enabling fans to fight each other in an effort to go viral.