Dez Bryant Just Dropped $200K On Jewelry Complete With 215 CARATS Worth Of Bling

dez bryant jewelry 200k

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Being a professional athlete must be pretty dope. You’re famous, people flock to see you at every turn, you get to perform in front of giant audiences. Very cool.

Oh yeah, you also get to make enough money where you have no problem dropping $68,000 on Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show packages like Cole Hamels did.

You can also afford to shell out around $200,000 on some seriously blinged out jewelry like Cowboys star wide receiver Dez Bryant.

According to TMZ Sports

Bryant hit up Johnny’s Custom Jewelry in Houston … and commissioned a Cuban Link chain and bracelet … as well as 5 “X” pendants for signature celebration move.

King Johnny — the shop’s owner — tells TMZ Sports Dez wanted something unique … so he designed and fabricated each piece, diamond by diamond … which took 2 months.

The breakdown: 175 carats for bracelet & chain, and 40 carats for the pendants.

Like I said, being a professional athlete must be pretty dope.

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