Dick Vitale Learns That ‘Cheating’ Takes Place In College Basketball, Fans Hilariously React

Dick Vitale: 'Cheating' Is Taking Place In College Basketball, Fans React

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  • Dick Vitale has learned that “cheating” takes place in college basketball recruiting.
  • College basketball fans reacted just as you’d expect them to.
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Dick Vitale, being the college basketball purist and the optimistic person he is, found out on March 28, 2022, that cheating takes place in college basketball recruiting.

Vitale has been around the game of basketball for over 60 years but appears to have only just heard about the shady business taking place with recruiting and now the recently installed transfer portal. He tweeted that he spoke with a coach who told him that “cheating is widespread.”

Players are being promised certain things before entering the portal and transferring to said school offering them things, which is technically illegal. You know this, I know this, everyone knows this is happening, but it’s new news to the legendary basketball analyst.

Recruiting, both in college basketball and college football, has turned into free agency. Some people absolutely hate it, while others don’t mind seeing the landscape of college recruiting changing.

Cheating was already taking place behind closed doors. Now, the ‘cheating’ is being done behind a slightly cracked door where people can get a glimpse inside.

College basketball fans shared some hilarious reactions to Vitale’s tweet: