Dirk Nowitzki Had To Stop Eating For A Full Week After Packing On 50 Pounds While Vacationing In Europe

by 10 months ago
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Everyone knows calories don’t exist during the holiday season and the same can be said for when you’re on vacation, where you usually have to embrace the reality that you’re going to come home packing a few more pounds than you had when you departed (assuming you didn’t go to Mexico and drink the water).

A few months ago, Dallas Mavericks legend Dirk Nowitzki decided to embrace his inner fat kid after retiring by inhaling as much ice cream as possible to make up for lost time, as you’re not going to get very far in the NBA subsisting on that kind of diet.

At the time, Nowitzki—who was listed at around 250 pounds while playing in the league—said he’d already added 15 to his frame, but according to Clutch Points, he was far from finished.

Over the summer, the former power forward decided to take a well-earned vacation to Europe for a couple of months, where he apparently took advantage of the local fare as much as possible, as he told a reporter he had to stop eating for an entire week upon his return after stepping on a scale and discovering he was approaching 300 pounds.

Nowitzki was a guest of Jerry Jones at a Cowboys game in Dallas last week and was also captured playing tennis over the weekend, and based on both of the pictures below, he probably won’t be doing the Truffle Shuffle any time soon based on how he looks now.

Damn. Maybe I should try that whole “fasting” thing too.

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