Dodgers Are Pissed AF With Yasiel Puig After This Video Of Him Partying With Minor League Teammates Surfaces

There are some athletes who can have it all come at them a little bit too fast—and former MLB All-Star Yasiel Puig may have just been the latest example of that.

Once considered one of the top talents in all of baseball, Puig fell out of favor with the L.A. Dodgers in recent months, eventually being demoted to the minors after the front-office waved his name out there in trade talks a few weeks ago.

And what was supposed to be a wake up call for Puig has been anything but, as this video of him partying with his new Triple-A teammates ended up on his Snapchat, thoroughly pissing off the entire Dodgers organization.

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While there’s nothing too big here besides a group of 20-somethings partying, swearing and, generally, having a good time, when something like this involves a malcontent like Puig who clearly hasn’t shown to take things too seriously, it makes headlines.

Here’s a statement from Dodgers GM Andrew Friedman on the incident, per True Blue LA:

“We are aware of what Yasiel posted on social media last night and while we are disappointed in his and some of our other players’ judgment, this is a matter we will address internally,” Friedman said.

I don’t want to jump to any conclusions or anything, but that pretty much sounds like a “Sayonara, Puig,” with the team doing whatever they can to rid themselves of this guy.

[H/T CBS Sports]

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