Dollar Beer Night At Minor League Hockey Game Leads To Epic Beer Pyramid

by 5 years ago

In 1974, the Cleveland Indians held a ten-cent beer night. It predictably ended in ugliness as overserved fans rioted and all hell broke loose.

But from the ashes of this shame arose an understanding: perhaps serving extremely cheap alcohol at sporting events isn’t the greatest of ideas.

The ECHL’s Cincinnati Cyclones apparently don’t subscribe to this notion. For the second consecutive year, the team hosted Dollar Beer Night.

The suds brought out the creative and triangle-obsessed side of this fan.

That is an impressive beer pyramid — or beeramid.

And the site planning is fantastic. Dude can protect it from three sides in case of an attack. Building one of these up against the glass at a hockey game is actually way safer than in, say, a dorm room where you have to worry about Drunk Dave from across the hall stumbling in and knocking it over.

We salute you, Mr. Art Beervalay. There is no higher calling than architecture.


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