A Dolphins Fan Wasn’t Too Pleased With Her Team’s Performance And CBS Cameras Caught How She Expressed It



For all those who sat their hungover ass on the couch to watch football yesterday like I did, you probably noticed something during the 4 p.m. EST games—THEY WERE SHITTY AS ALL HELL!

Seriously, I had to watch the defending NFC champion Seattle Seahawks limp their way to just 37 offensive yards during the first half against a Chicago Bears team that, well, is less than talented on both sides of the ball.

However, as bad as they were to watch from a couch, they had to be even WORSE if actually in a stadium and seeing your team shit the bed.

And, take it from this Miami Dolphins fan, she was not too thrilled with her team’s performance—and CBS caught how she expressed it, flipping off the cameras as her Fins were being blown out by the Buffalo Bills, ultimately losing 41-14.

I salute this chick, because I think the ENTIRE country shared the same feeling with the pathetic display of football yesterday afternoon—especially if you were in attendance during the Miami game.

[H/T The Big Lead]