It Sounded Like Doris Burke Dropped An F-Bomb On National Television Monday Night And NBA Twitter Is Conflicted

Tom Szczerbowski/Getty Images

Don’t let the platinum blonde hair and rose-colored lipstick fool you. Doris Burke is street.

Before she became the first woman to be a full-time NBA analyst on national television, Doris was a Jersey girl and youngest of eight in a gritty, blue collar Irish-Catholic family. For those unaccustomed to Irish-Catholic upbringings, the swear-to-hug ratio is about is 15:1 and the food sucks.

Doris earned the starting point guard position on Manasquan High School girls varsity team as a freshman and before she was done, became the school’s all-time leading scorer and the best player head coach Dick Johnson coached in 25 years.

This woman don’t play. She’s like the Javaris Crittendon, but actually good and not a murderer. That was a really bad example, so lets cut to the clip.

Oh, what. You think she said “nice looking finger roll”?



Go on and believe that. I choose to believe that a woman who grew up rocking the Official Haircut of The Cracker Barrel isn’t immune to dropping soem fucks on national television.

P.S. Doris was extra animated last night. Sounded like ate one of Bill Walton’s space cakes.

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