Bro Lands The World’s First Double Backflip On A Snowmobile, The Holy Grail Of Snowmobiling Tricks

On Monday, Swedish snowmobiler David Bodin became the first person in history to land a double backflip on a snowmobile. This has long been considered the ‘Holy Grail of Snowmobiling Tricks’, one that ESPN‘s been using to hype up their ‘Snowmobile Best Trick’ competition at the Winter X Games since that event returned in 2013.

It’s crazy how close David Bodin came to crashing on this trick. After spinning through the air, twice, you can see that he rides out the landing on only the left track of his snowmobile. He’s fighting beyond belief to stick the landing but somehow manages to pull it off:

Speaking with RedBull, here’s what David Bodin had to say about his record-setting feat: “I have focused so hard on the double in the past months. Everything else was put on hold. Now I’m looking forward to X Games and a chance to ride the Freestyle and Best Trick competitions with an easy mind. I hope I still can surprise.”

Bodin told reporters that the elusive double backflip is a trick he’s been working on for two long years. And it’s unclear if ESPN’s Winter X Games had any sort of bounty for the first person to land this trick, but as soon as footage emerged of David sticking the Double Backflip it went viral. I’d be SHOCKED if there isn’t some sort of fat payday attached to this, but you never know.

(h/t Q13FOX)