Dr. J’s Still Got It (After All These Years)

​In the midst of major sport controversies such as rampant steroid use, over-paid/under-performing athletes, and rampant steroid usage, it’s always nice to know that there are still some players who exude both a love of the sport, and natural abilities, even well past their prime.

Take the legend himself, Julius Irving. In the press and promotion leading up to the release of NBA TV’s new Docu-Film “The Doctor,” Dr. J claimed that, while he’s well past his prime, he can still throw down with the best of them.

Now we have proof: https://vine.co/v/bl7dlA9JIxg (Ignore the kid in the cargo shorts taking video in the last second of the video)

Hot damn. 63 years old, and he can still put it up like a pro (and probably sleep with your mother, sister and girlfriend without batting an eye). But in a classy way, of course.

In the age of crybabies like Dwight, floppers like Lebron and roid ragers like A-Rod, is it wrong to yearn for natural skill and athleticism? This Bro thinks not.