DraftKings FREE Week 1 Pick ‘Em Could Be The Best Money You’ve Never Spent

American football ball on background

iStockphoto / artisteer

2018: plastic bags at grocery stores cost a dime, free trials and subscriptions aren’t really free, hell, it even costs you money just to withdraw your own money.

There are very few things left in this world that are free, never mind things that are actually worthwhile. But I’m writing to you to present you with a totally FREE opportunity that could pay you handsomely. Free as in zero dollars.

If I handed you a scratch ticket, you’d scratch that bad boy right? Of course you would, because it costs you nothing, there’s very little time investment, and a whole lotta potential upside. This is like that, but involves something you already love: football.

DraftKings has rolled out a FREE pick ’em-style contest where all you have to do is pick the winning teams. That’s it. No salary limitations. Just a good ole-fashioned pick ’em. With a cursory knowledge of matchups and a little luck, you could make yourself eligible to collect your share of the $1 million in prizes. Again, for free.

If the phrase ‘the best things in life are free’ is actually true, it’s only because it could win you a truckload of money.


Happy pickin’, boys and girls.

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