DraftKings Is Prepared To Give You $100,000 But If Free Money Isn’t Your Thing, Keep Scrolling



Bros, this is one of those low risk, high reward type situations that we so often pass up on simply to avoid breaking routine. Let’s change things up and put ourselves in a position to get CAKED up.

If you can find me a simpler, more fun way to get rich, please let me know. Because entering DraftKings’ NFL week one contest, putting together a diesel fantasy team, and rooting for them to win you $100,000 seems like the best way to spend my Sunday on September 13th.

And if you’re worried about price, don’t fret–it’s absolutely FREE for new users and only $3 for returning DraftKings players.

And if you’re worried about the odds of you winning money being astronomical, CALM DOWN BRO, DraftKings is giving away a total prize pool of $1 MILLION, and the top 84,950 scores win guaranteed cash.

Upon entry, GM’s enter into a salary cap draft, and are allotted $50,000 to select 9 spots–8 players and one team defense.

The roster format is as follows: 1 QB, 2 RB, 3 WR, 1 TE, 1 Flex and 1 Defense

Any other worries?

How about blowing all of your winnings in Vegas while celebrating with your boys?

Don’t worry, that trip will be well worth it.

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