Draymond Green Tore The NCAA A New One For Refusing To Allow Student-Athletes To Get Paid For Their Likeness

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On Monday, California governer Gavin Newsom announced he had officially signed the Fair Pay to Play Act into law, which means student-athletes in the state will be able to profit from their name and likeness when it goes into effect in 2023.

Plenty of people were amped to hear the news—including LeBron James—but it’s safe to say the NCAA wasn’t exactly thrilled with the new law based on its reaction.

There are still somehow people out there (like Tim Tebow) who don’t think college athletes should be allowed to capitalize on their fame, but when you consider just how much revenue the NCAA and the schools it governs rake in every year thanks to unpaid players, I don’t understand how you can argue they don’t deserve a piece of the pie.

It also appears Draymond Green has trouble fathoming the arguments against compensating student-athletes, as he didn’t mince words when he was asked about the topic at a press conference on Monday.

Here’s what he had to say:

“As a former college athlete, that’s exciting.

You spend so much time in college broke with no money yet everybody else was living very well. The universities are making a ton of money off of your likeness. I think it is the most bankrupt model.

It does not make any sense. I can make all the money off of your likeness and the moment you decide to make some money off of your likeness you can’t play here anymore. You’re ineligible. You’re suspended.

It’s backward and someone needs to force this dictatorship to change.”


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