Draymond Green Described The Awkward First, And Last, Time He Talked Trash To Tim Duncan


Draymond Green has shown to have one of the loudest mouths in all of sports, never one to sit on his thoughts or hold back in trash-talking opponents. Well, except for one person.

That’s because the Golden State Warriors All-Star described the one time he tried talking shit to future Hall of Famer Tim Duncan, who rarely shows any emotion at all, and it went about as well as you might think—badly.

Here’s what Green wrote in an ESPN playoff diary about his experience that happened during Draymond’s rookie campaign in 2012, per FOX Sports:

“I do have a Tim Duncan story. My rookie year I kind of talked junk to everybody. In the middle of the game I started talking to Tim, and I had already got into it with somebody on their team. I don’t remember who it was. But I started talking to Tim and he kind of just stared at me. I just kept talking junk to him and he kept staring at me.”

“At that point I realized during the rest of my career that I might as well not talk to him. Either, one, he is not going to talk back because he has no respect for me. Or, two, he is not going to talk back because that is who he is. Or, three, both. I figured then that was the last time I would talk junk to Tim. And that was the last time.”

Duncan really is a one-of-a-kind superstar athlete, never getting caught up with outside shit—and Draymond learned that first-hand during his rookie campaign.

[H/T FOX Sports]