Saints Fans Are Convinced Drew Brees Isn’t Retiring And Is Coming Back For Another Season After Cryptic Workout Video

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Could Drew Brees actually come back for another season?

Earlier this week, ESPN’s Adam Schefter said he believed Brees was going to retire but that he couldn’t rule out a return because he came back last year despite flirting with retirement.

Here’s the thing on Drew Brees, last year he went into the Saints at the Pro Bowl, and they cried, the coaching staff cried because that was his last game, the Pro Bowl, he was retiring and then he took some time off and lo and behold he came back in March.

There are so many players that plan to retire and to actually get them to it is not a simple thing.

I still think he will retire, but I don’t think these things are black and white, like he’s ready to go out the door just yet even though I do think that’s going to be his decision.

On Saturday, fitness trainer Todd Durkin recently posted a video on Instagram that shows Brees pushing a weighted sled that featured the cryptic caption “Not sure WHY he’s so cra-cra today but something must be brewing.”

Fans saw the video of Brees pushing the sled and were immediately convinced that he was coming back for another season.

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