NFL Fans Mock Drew Brees After Internet Rumors Emerge About His Potential Return

The Internet currently believes Drew Brees may be coming back for another season despite reports to the contrary.

After Brees lost to the Bucs in the playoffs it seemed pretty clear that he was going to retire this offseason.

Even Saints head coach Sean Payton hinted at a retirement announcement coming in the near future.

Via Pro Football Talk

“I think within the next week, week-and-a-half we’ll get a little bit more information relative to Drew,” Saints coach Sean Payton told PFT Live on Wednesday. “We’ll wait on Drew’s announcement.”

There’s no reason to think Drew’s announcement will be anything other than a retirement announcement. That means the Saints will need to find a new quarterback.

Despite all the reports about his impending retirement, there’s a rumor going around social media that the aging QB is returning for one more season. It’s unclear where the rumor originated from but Brees is currently trending on Twitter because fans are mocking him.