The ‘Drone Racing League’ Officially Launched Today And Dis Shizz Right Here Looks Bananas, B-A-N-A-N-A-S

For about a year now there have been rumblings of a forthcoming ‘Drone Racing League’, and it officially launched last night with this preview video on YouTube heralding the Drone Racing League (DRL) as ‘The Sport of the Future’. I’ll let you watch the badass video below and decide for yourself whether or not drone racing is ‘The Sport of the Future’, but one thing’s for certain: I want in on the action…Those obstacles are pretty f’n awesome, no? Having to flip vertical to sneak through glass planks or risk shattering the course?

I don’t even own a badass drone yet. When it comes to drones all I’m working with are a few of those micro drones laying around my house that I had a lot of fun with the week I got them and then forgot about them…Honestly, I couldn’t even tell you where in my house my micro drones are at the moment, that’s how long it’s been since I messed around with them. What you see above though, high-speed drone racing, I want in on this. I suppose it’s not the cheapest sport to get into but the most fun sports never are (snowboarding and surfing equipment isn’t exactly cheap, is it?).

Also, I’d just like to send a special shoutout to the dude wearing googles with ‘Fat Shark’ on the front. I’m not sure if that’s the drone’s name or the name of the drone manufacturer, or if it’s the name of his googles. I can only hope that it’s his drone racing name, because if it is then I’m #TeamFatShark once this sport hits mainstream.

To keep up with the latest from ‘Drone Racing League’ they’re asking everyone to subscribe to their YouTube Channel and to tweet/Facebook using the hashtag #DroneRacingLeague.

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